Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Michelangelo Falvetti (1642-1692) - Il Diluvio Universale

Concert from the Ambronay Festival 11th September 2010
Cappella Mediterranea
Namur Chamber Choir
conductor: Leonardo Garcia Alarcon
Production: RTBF Belgium
Duration: 01:22:11

A redemptive flood for Messina - here is a rare baroque testament to this city in Sicily which has experienced many earthquakes and tidal waves. An emblematic subject: the Four Elements plead with God to destroy mankind; Death intercedes in man's favour; mankind will "only" be subjected to the flood and will ultimately be saved from the waters.

In the tradition of Carissimi and Handel, this highly original music is of a measure with Sicily, melting-pot where the music of East and West come together. There can be no better interpreter than Leonardo Garcia Alarcon to bring out its intensity and emotion.

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