Monday, 18 October 2010

Coca-Cola Casanova

More on the Venice billboard advertising controversy. Here is the text of the Venice in Peril appeal to the Italian Minister of Culture, signed by Norman Foster et al.

Vast ads in Venice, Our appeal to the Italian Minister of Culture.

You can get an idea of how pervasive the advertising has become from the photos in this article from the Art Tribune:-

Venice invaded by giant adverts.


  1. What bothers me is that Coke isn't attacked for its arrogance in using St. Mark's as simply another site to force itself on people for its own aggrandisement.

  2. I think this is disgusting. St. Mark's square was the lowest point of my trip through Italy. It was just a bunch of advertisements and a crowd of people. That was it. Probably not going to return until the architecture isn't hidden by billboards.
    Watch, coca-cola's going to place advertisements next to the Mona Lisa. Wouldn't be surprised.